Books and Catalogues

Jackie Milad: Just Between Us. Exhibition Catalogue with Essay by Jack Livingston.

Bill Schmidt: Outside of Time. Exhibition Catalogue with Curatorial Essay by Dr. Michael Salcman.

Elena Volkova: Waterlines. Exhibition Catalogue. February, 2008. With catalogue essay by Sarah Tanguey.

Quintessence: A Group Exhibition. December, 2007. Exhibition catalogue.

Paper Airplane: A National Juried Exhibition

Bright Shiny New: An Exhibit of Emerging Artists

Articles and Reviews

McCabe, Bret. \"Size Matters: Bill Schmidt\'s Most Recent Paintings Explore Emerging Trend of Intimate Abstraction\" Baltimore Citypaper, April 30, 208.

Amoss, Marianne. \"Modest Masterpiece\" Urbanite Magazine. February, 2008.

Baltimore City Paper. \"The Secrets Sharer: Trying to Decipher the Enigmatic Figures in Jackie Milad\'s Work\" by Kate Noonan

BEST of BALTIMORE Citypaper Award for \"Best Place to Buy Art\"

The Graduates by Kate Noonan. Baltimore Citypaper. October 29, 2008.

Best Scene: Baltimore\'s Current Outpouring of Creative Energy Isn\'t Limited to Music by Bret McCabe. Baltimore Citypaper. September 17, 2008.

Selected Website Listings

IonArts - Review of Bill Schmidt\'s show by Mark Barry

Radar Redux interview with Elena Volkova about her solo exhibition, Waterlines at Paperwork. February, 2008.

Radar Redux Coverage of Waterlines Opening Reception. February, 208.